August 23, 2010

MP3 Browning PI – Skewed Funk


01. Astral Sounds – Magma
02. Simonetti – Louie Louie
03. Dr. Dunks – No P´s
04. The Duke Of Berlington – Flash (Maxi Version 1983)
05. Stargarden – Which Way Is Up
06. Sandii & The Sunsetz – Jinjirogeh (The Chunk O’ Funk)
07. Kashif – The Mood
08. Steve Winwood – Freedom Overspill
09. Thomas Leer – Saving Grace
10. Brian Ferry – You Go To My head
11. Endaf Emlyn – Noli’r Fro
12. Adrian Gurvitz – Borrowed Beatuy
13. Fashion – Slow Down
14. Dessident – Grad Babylon Hotel
15. Hot Chocolate – Every 1´s A Winner
16. Side Effect – Make You Mine
17. The Firm – Radioactive
18. Beautiful Swimmers – Swimmers Groove
19. One Man Edit – Waiting
20. Fantastic Four – I Just Wanna Love Ya Baby
21. Zinc – Amazone
22. Robin Gibb – Juliet


3 Responses to “SKEWED FUNK”

  1. Arthit Says:

    Isn’t that Jennifer Beals in the picture?

  2. Andy Says:

    Sorry to post as a comment, but I wanted to reach you with a bit of news you might appreciate:

    Coati Mundi’s Electric Boogie & Bad-Assed Beats:
    Dance Music’s Quirky Genius Returns

    New Album “Dancing for The Cabana Code in The Land of Boo-Hoo”
    To be released October 2010 by Rong Music

    READ ONLINE W/PIX, LINKS (full text below):


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