May 29, 2010

MP3 Richard Danger – Lyden Av Sommer 2.0


01 Introduction
02 Theo Loves You
03 Raining Manilow
04 Lighthouse Blues
05 Queens Borough
06 Love Slave
07 That´s It!
08 Hard Times
09 Bad Bad Dub
10 Junior Senior
11 The Island Of Dr. Danger
12 Swing
13 Cherry Coke
14 Nights In Bat Country
15 Africa
16 I ♥ Memphis
17 It´s True
18 Scorching Hot
19 The Wind
20 Richard Gere
21 ♥ U Less
22 Da Formula
23 Static
24 Dr. Danger Saved My Life
25 Whoop Whoop
26 Candyapplebum


4 Responses to “2.0”

  1. meansteppin Says:

    madness. who is Richard Danger?? Where can I buy all his albums??

    • chevy1chaser Says:

      thanx! i am richard danger, i don´t have any albums, but i post most of my stuff here:) so stay tuned.

  2. meansteppin Says:

    What is the track with the dreamy filtered vocals at about 40:00? is it an original track?

    • chevy1chaser Says:

      yeah, that´s a good one. it´s the eagles with one of these nights, and if i´m not mistaken it´s an edit by the revenge.

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