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March 31, 2010

MP3 Impossible Dreamers – Spin

MP3 Comateens – Get Off My Case



March 29, 2010

MP3 Richard Danger – Tootsie Mix for Oh Heavenly Dog


01 TriStar Intro
02 Jaques Renault – Piano Beach Party
03 Herp Albert – Rotation (DJ Harri Edit)
04 House Of House – The Rough Half (Don’t Stop)
05 Primal Scream – Screamadelica (OOFT Music Edit)
06 Coco Karina – Drama, Drama
07 Richard Sen & Cazbee – Wild Thing
08 Chris Carrier & Jeff K – Morning
09 DJ Falcon – Untitled
10 Manhead – Dancer
11 Mock & Toof – Day Ken Died
12 5 Mic Cluster – Gamblin´
13 Volga Select – The Unconditional Discipline Of The Bastard Prince
14 Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – Plugged In
15 Black Label – Feel Good To You (Jordan Fields 12 Inch Master mix)
16 Chris Carrier & Jeff K – Fever
17 Craig Bratley – Black Magic
18 Thomas Bangalter – Club Soda
19 40 Thievz – Love To Shake It Baby
20 Crazy Cousinz – Inflation
21 Butch – Amelie
22 Dop – Walk The Line
23 Henri Texier – Quand Tout S’arrete


March 24, 2010

MP3 Dimitri From Paris – Get Down With The Philly Sound Promo Mix


March 23, 2010

MP3 MGMT – Brian Eno

Stream whole album here.


March 22, 2010

MP3 Samanto Faxx – Track 1 (Delice Vanille edit)


March 21, 2010

MP3 Richard Danger – Marathon Man Mix


Jimi Hendrix – … And Gods Made Love
Ned Doheny – Get It Up For Love
Anthony ´Shake´ Shakir – Detroit State Of Mind
Maxie Priest – Close To You
The Revenge – Curtis
Dan Electro – Lift Up My Mind
Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance (The Revenge Edit)
Mick Jagger – Sweet Thing
Drrtyhaze – Make My Body Hot
INXS – Need You Toinght
Eddie C – One With The Stars
Kahn – Candy Girl (Bitter sweet mix)
Anthony & The Camp – What a like (Dub Mix Version)
Linkwood – Falling
Stanley Steel – Take Me Home
Be – All The Thrills
Strangelove & Flamingo – Funk It Up
Laberge -Gimmie Your Love
Stanley Steel – Mon Cherie
Paulinho Pinheiro – Merengue Rebita (DJ Dolores Remix)
Tropical Treats – Waarewaah
Hercules & Love Affair – Raise Me Up
Social Disco Club – Good For You
Dudley Moore Trio – Nursery Tune


March 16, 2010

Mike The 2600 King & Prince Klassen – Kamchruoch


1) Thra Ka Band “Do You No Wrong Again”
2) Thongmark Leacha “Teaching the Daughter”
3) Ros Sereysothea “Arom Pai Pot”
4) Thra Ka Band “Crazy Loving You”
5) Unknown “Blue Basket”
6) Poev Vannary “Huos Heuy Bong”
7) Sinn Sisamouth “Missing Tender Care”
8) Don Sonrabiap “Klai Chit”
9) Leiu Thaert “Rom Sue Sue”
10) The Royal Sprites “Noom Rai Por”
11) Sinn Sisamouth & Ros Sereysothea “Ma Pi Niaok (Where Are You From?)”
12) Mike Ibrahim & The Nite Walkers “Chock Chock Kundong”
13) Sinn Sisamouth & Ros Sereysothea “Venus”
14) Les Kafilas “Ikan Today”
15) Sinn Sisamouth & Ros Sereysothea “Chnam Oun 31”
16) Ronnie Ong “Buttons & Bows”
17) Sinn Sisamouth “Neagk Na Min Snaeha”
18) Pan Ron “Tgai Na Bong Tomne”
19) Sorn Petch Pinyo “Laek Laow Deum Nom (Quit Drinking Alcohol and Try Drinking Milk Instead)”
20) Thongmark Leacha “Are You Tired of Me Already?”
21) Thongmark Leacha “Now She Loves Every Man Except Me”
22) Yodrak Salakchai “Rap Khreung Dieow”
23) Ros Sereysothea “Chnang Jas Bai Chgn-ainj “Old Pot, Tasty Rice”
24) Group Ka Kaw “The Generosity of Our Fans”
25) Teun-Jai Boon Praraksa “The Competition”
26) Ismail Haron & The Guys “Berseida”
27) Kassim Slamat & The Swallows “Nga Lompak A Go Go”
28) Ros Sereysothea “Wolly Polly”
29) Ros Sereysothea “Chnam Oun 16”
30) Sinn Sisamouth & Ros Sereysothea “If You Wish to Love Me, Don’t Laugh or Cry”
31) Voa Saroun “Maksy”
32) Pan Ron “Hippie Men”
33) Pan Ron “I’m Unsatisfied”
34) Ros Sereysothea “Wait Five More Months”


March 15, 2010

MP3 Stanley Steel – L.O.V.E. Mix for Oh Heavenly Dog


1.Pilooski-Love Is Wet
2.Holy Ghost-I Will Come Back (Classixx Alcapulco Remix)
3.Walter Jones-Living Without Your Love
4.Cathy Dennis-Touch Me (Steel’s L.O.V.E Remix)
5.Stateless-Bloodstream (Pilooski Edidt)
6.6th Borough Project- Just A Memory
7.Nick Holder-Summer Daze
8. Tortured Soul-Home To You (Ethan White Temix Instrumental
9. Radiohead-Everything (Will Reel Rework)
11.Hercules & Love Affair-Blind (Kerri Chandler Remix)
12.6th Borough Project-Looking Up To You
13.Stanley Steel-Mon Cherie
14.The Revenge-The Flight
15. Fish Go Deep-Battery Man (Dub Edit)


March 8, 2010

MP3 Richard Danger – Ripped Mixtape


Fleet Foxes – Sun It Rises
Nico – These Days
The Notwist – Boneless (Panda Bear Remix)
The Beach Boys – Caroline No (Stereo Mix)
Hot Tuna – Day To Day Out The Window Blues
Neil Young & The Crazy Horse – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Polk Brothers – Caravan Rock
Bill Nettles – When You’re Own Love Ain’t Around
Ernie Ford Tennessee – The Ballade of Davey Crockett
Dorsey Burnette – Let´s Fall In Love
Burl Ives – Little Bitty Tear
Brenda Lee – I´m Sorry
Pattie Page – Old Cape Cod
Linda Scott – I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star
Dusty Springfield – I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
Dennis Wilson – Friday Night
The Velvet Underground – I’ll Be Your Mirror
Hank Williams – Hey Good Lookin´
Art Tatum – Where Or When
Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago
Bill Nettles – You Can’t Hen Peck Me (voc. Danny Dedman)
Betty Everett – There’ll Come A Time
Blue Caps & Gene Vincent – Be-Bop A Lula
John Lennon & the Plastic Ono Band – Give Peace a Chance
The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman


March 6, 2010

MP3 Kenny Graham – Moondog Suit

MP3 Kenny Graham – Suncat Suite