January 8, 2010

One of my favorite labels last year was German “house” label Peranent Vacation. They had so many wonderful releases, and many of them are featured on the new compilation “If This Is House I Want y Money Back”. I have picked a few of my favorite tracks from this release, but to get the rest you have to buy it here.

MP3 6th Borough Project – McLovin

MP3 Zwicker Feat Olivera Stanimoriv – Oddity

MP3 Permanent Vacation – Million Hands Mix

01 The Eagles – King Of Hollywood
02 AFMB – Afrontpb
03 Orlando Riva Sound – Body To Body Boogie
04 6th Borough Project – Mc Lovin
05 Still Going – Untitled Love
06 Woolfy vs Projections – Absynth – Marcus Worgull Remix
07 WhoMadeWho – Keep Me In My Plane – Koze/ AME Dub
08 Idioma – Landscapes – Shit Robot Remix
09 Lil Tony – Saturday Morning
10 Eurythmics – Take Me To Your Heart


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