November 27, 2009

I recently became aware that there had been another band called Nirvana before Kurt Cobain´s 90´s grunge hype were potty trained. To my taste this was a musically a much more engaging band that Cobain´s band ever was or could be. Nirvana were a United Kingdom-based progressive rock band active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Though the band only achieved limited commercial success, they were acclaimed both by music industry professionals and critics.[1] In 1985 the band reformed. The little commercial success they enjoyed was with “Rainbow Chaser”, a song they preformed live on French television in the 60s, and during the performance Saladore Dali threw paint on them, making their clothes worth a lot of money (if he had ever signed them).

In October 1967, they released their first album: a concept album produced by Blackwell titled The Story of Simon Simopath. The album was arguably the first narrative concept album ever released, predating story-driven concept albums such as The Pretty Things’ S.F. Sorrow (December 1968), The Who’s Tommy (April 1969) and The Kinks’ Arthur (September 1969).

MP3 Nirvana – Rainbow Chaser


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