October 29, 2009

Today sees the release of the long awaited debut album from Canada´s leading italo-disco maestro CFCF. He has given us some wonderful remixes in the past, like the Crystal Castles remix that shot him to fame. He even made a shitty track by The Teenagers into my pick for best pop song of 2007.

However, the album is a bit disappointing, not for a lack of quality, but rather a lack of an album feel. We have heard many of the tracks before, on account of them having been released on compilations and ep´s, or just been gliding around the blogosphere. I think CFCF would have gotten more out of releasing the unreleased tracks as ep´s or 12″´s. As Jay Shockley in his Fact Magazine review said: “All signs pointed to ‘great’ with CFCF’s debut album […] But instead, I got an instrumental record that often sounds very nice, but rarely achieves much beyond that.”
But if you see each song individually, this really is a great album, and I have chosen some highlights.

MP3 CFCF – Big Love (Fleetwood Mac cover)

MP3 CFCF – Half Dreaming



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