October 4, 2009

This month, me again, with a party starter. Have a nice weekend!

Richard Danger – Oh Heavenly Dog Radio pt. 6

John & Yoko Walking In The Park (Intro)
Hi-Gloss – You´ll Never Know
6th Borough Project – Just A Memory
Olivia Newton-John – Magic
Rayko – White Russian
Late Nite Tuff Guy – Eurotrac
Ilya Santana – Instrumental Odissey
John Lennon – Dear Yoko
Washed Out – New Theory
Bakazou – Yellow Fever (Reverso 68 Remix)
Chaz Jannkle – You´re My Occupation
45 King vs. Wale – Roof (Ayers Remix)
Jackpot – Jungle Gym
The Revenge – Night Flight
Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love
Black Mustang Vs Kerrier District – Mad As Hell
Bang Raiders – Shooting Stars (Shazam Dub)
Toecutter – Best Party Ever (Flight Facilities Remix)
Parra Soundsystem – In The Mood
Late Nite Tuff Guy – I Get Deeper
Schatrax – Mispent Years (Silicon Soul Darkroom Dub)
Paul McCartney – Frozen Jap
Revolution Take 20 (Outro)


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