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October 29, 2009

Today sees the release of the long awaited debut album from Canada´s leading italo-disco maestro CFCF. He has given us some wonderful remixes in the past, like the Crystal Castles remix that shot him to fame. He even made a shitty track by The Teenagers into my pick for best pop song of 2007.

However, the album is a bit disappointing, not for a lack of quality, but rather a lack of an album feel. We have heard many of the tracks before, on account of them having been released on compilations and ep´s, or just been gliding around the blogosphere. I think CFCF would have gotten more out of releasing the unreleased tracks as ep´s or 12″´s. As Jay Shockley in his Fact Magazine review said: “All signs pointed to ‘great’ with CFCF’s debut album […] But instead, I got an instrumental record that often sounds very nice, but rarely achieves much beyond that.”
But if you see each song individually, this really is a great album, and I have chosen some highlights.

MP3 CFCF – Big Love (Fleetwood Mac cover)

MP3 CFCF – Half Dreaming




October 29, 2009

The most fun made up corporate holiday is coming up, and Oh Heavenly Dog brings you the obligatory Halloween mix. I have chosen to go the way of creepy soundtrack music, as opposed to the horror club direction many dj´s take. It´s a collection of horror trailer clips and my favorite scores from my favorite horror flicks. Please enjoy.

MP3 Richard Danger – Rated “R”; Halloween Mix

Halloween Trailer
Jocelyn Pook – Masked Ball (from Eyes Wide Shut)
Philip Glass – Opening Titles (from Candyman)
Charles Bernstein – BB´s Song (from Deadly Friend)
Lady Frankenstein Trailer
Goblin – Susperia (from Susperia)
Angelo Badalamenti – Black Dog Runs At Night (from Twin Peaks; Fire Walk With Me)
The Night Child Trailer
John Carpenter – Loomis And Shape’s Car (from Halloween)
The Creed Taylor Orchestra – Heartbeat (from Shock)
“You Are the Duke of New York”
John Carpenter – Arrival at the Library (from Escape From New York)
Peter Ivers, David Lynch – In Heaven (from Eraserhead)
Wojciech Kilar – Opening Titles (from The Ninth Gate)
György Ligeti (Dominic Harlan, piano) – Musica Ricercata, II (Mesto, Rigido E Ceremoniale) (from Eyes Wide Shut)
Madhouse Trailer
Philip Glass – Face To Razor (from Candyman)
John Carpenter – Laurie´s Theme (from Halloween)
Bernard Hermann – Psycho Theme (from Psycho)
The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave Trailer
Howard Shore – TV or Not TV (from Videodrome)
Donald Rubinstein w/Erica Lindsay – Tales From the Darkside (voice over) (from Tales From the Darkside)
Angelo Badalamenti – A Real Indication (from Twin Peaks; Fire Walk With Me)
Charles Bernstein – Changed Minds (from Deadly Friend)
Wojciech Kilar feat. Sumi Jo – The Ninth Gate (from The Ninth Gate)
Philip Glass – Floating Candyman (from Candyman)
Rubie Trailer


October 27, 2009

Another slow wonder from the Ooft camp. Craig Smith aka 6th Borough Project just recently dropped a new ep on Delusions of Grandure. This is probably an edit too, but I don´t know of what. But it doesn´t matter because it´s a great track.

MP3 6th Borough Project – How Will I Show You?



October 24, 2009

Just something I whipped together for my ipoding pleasure.

Mp3 Richard Danger – Less Iss Moore Mix Pour Toi

Le Jete – La Cage Aux Folles (Instrumental)
Anthony “Shake” Shakir – Bob
Raydio – More Than One Way To Love A Woman
Bee Gees – One (Rayko Edit)
Marvin Gaye – Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework)
Christopher Wade – What I’ve Been Feeling This Entire Time
Kenneth Bager – Fragment One (… And I Kept Hearing) (Pocketknife Remix)
Owusu & Hannibal – Lonnie´s Secret
Fudge Fingas – Gettin’ Togetha
The Haggis Horns – The Traveller Part 2
Al Usher – Lullaby for Robert
Double – Woman Of The World (Long Instrumental Version)
Eddie C – You´re Welcome
Manu Dibango – Dikalo (Salt Pop Corn)
Hess Is More – Yes Boss (Pocketknife remix) (Bonus)
Scritti Politti – Asylums in Jerusalem
Kiss – Love Theme From Kiss


October 24, 2009

Another track that´s been getting heavy rotation at Oh Heavenly Dog HQ, is this little ditty by Sheffield two piece Grandadbob. It was featured in my Stratosphere Boogie Mix from a month back. It comes in remix form, and the artist is new disco masochist Al Usher, good people.

MP3 Grandadbob – Hide Me (Al Usher Remix)


October 23, 2009

I have been listening to the new Body Language Mix by Germany´s Modeselektor quite a bit these last few weeks. It´s a compelling mix of techno, dub step, house and indie rock seamlessly put together by what is one of the greatest dj duos out there. I present a few of the highlights from the mix, but frankly they all sound better within the confines of the mix. So do yourself a favor a buy the mix HERE.

Boy 8-Bit is a ginger kid from England.

MP3 Boy 8-Bit – The Cricket Scores (Original Mix)

Siriusmo is a french person.

MP3 Siriusmo – Nights Off

Moderat is Modeselektor and Apparat.

MP3 Moderat – A New Error


October 21, 2009

Been busy, sorry for lack of posting. But today I bring you an Oh Heavenly Dog exclusive! My main man Stanley Steel aka Remi has made a top notch edit of 90´s club love songe “Touch Me” by Cathy Dennis. The best parts of the original are kept, then tossed in with some boogie funk action.

MP3 Cathy Dennis – Touch Me (Steel´s LOVE Edit)


October 6, 2009

One of the Dog´s favorite dj´s and producers, Cousin Cole, sent over a new (official) remix he did. The track being remixed is British folk singer Pete Lawrie´s “All That Wee Keep”. The song will be featured on his album coming out next year, and judging by the tracks on his myspace it will probably be a good one.

For now, put yourself at ease with the mighty cousin´s remix.

MP3 Pete Lawrie – All That We Keep (Cousin Cole Remix)


October 4, 2009

This month, me again, with a party starter. Have a nice weekend!

Richard Danger – Oh Heavenly Dog Radio pt. 6

John & Yoko Walking In The Park (Intro)
Hi-Gloss – You´ll Never Know
6th Borough Project – Just A Memory
Olivia Newton-John – Magic
Rayko – White Russian
Late Nite Tuff Guy – Eurotrac
Ilya Santana – Instrumental Odissey
John Lennon – Dear Yoko
Washed Out – New Theory
Bakazou – Yellow Fever (Reverso 68 Remix)
Chaz Jannkle – You´re My Occupation
45 King vs. Wale – Roof (Ayers Remix)
Jackpot – Jungle Gym
The Revenge – Night Flight
Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love
Black Mustang Vs Kerrier District – Mad As Hell
Bang Raiders – Shooting Stars (Shazam Dub)
Toecutter – Best Party Ever (Flight Facilities Remix)
Parra Soundsystem – In The Mood
Late Nite Tuff Guy – I Get Deeper
Schatrax – Mispent Years (Silicon Soul Darkroom Dub)
Paul McCartney – Frozen Jap
Revolution Take 20 (Outro)


October 2, 2009

A bit of a slept on pop number this, at least to my knowledge. And that´s a shame, because it´s quite good, and Dollskabeat probably has loads more to bring to our ears. I wouldn´t be surprised if there is an album on the horizon. This track is from the ep of the same name and came out back in may.

Dollskabeat – Zodiac Rising