July 17, 2009

Very exciting news from the K7! office:

The wait is over…!K7 is very proud to present the next installment in the DJ-KiCKS series.

Chromeo, Chromeo wherefore art thou Chromeo?… Well honestly, it seems that Montreal’s multi-ethnic loverboys Dave One and Pee Thugg have been everywhere. They’ve already released two acclaimed albums: 2004’s She’s In Control and 2007’s Fancy Footwork. They’ve hit the dance floors and attacked the charts with classics such as “Needy Girl”, “Bonafied Lovin”, “You’re So Gangsta” and “Momma’s Boy”. They’ve provided exclusive remixes for the likes of Cut Copy, Feist and Vampire Weekend. But now, after spending the last couple of years jet setting and globe-trotting, there’s only one place you can find them: on the new upcoming DJ-KiCKS.

I can´t wait! It promises to be in the vain of the awesome 2005 tape Un Joli Mix Pour Toi with 80s disco, R&B and boogie.

The duos exclusive track for the mix is a cover of The Eagles I Can´t Tell You Why. Good stuff.

Chromeo – I Can´t Tell You Why (DJ-Kicks)


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