June 17, 2009

Eclectic, according to Webster´s Dictionary is “selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles” or “composed of elements drawn from various sources”. Now I can´t really say this Fact Magazine mix from Emperor Machine is eclectic, but it´s certainly different. It´s all the same genre of music, so it´s not from different sources, but it´s a genre most of us are not too familiar with.

Webster´s definition is not fitting, so what about Andy Meecham (the architect behind the mix)? His definition is: “It’s just a load of tracks that I’m listening to right now – a compilation I made to play in the car.” I can go for that.

Emperor Machine – Fact Magazine Mix no. 57

1. Nina Nardini – Afro-Beat
2. The Natural yoghurt band – Voodoo
3. The Fitzcarraldo Variations – Gamma Modelo
4. Bajka – The Only Religion I Believe
5. The Starlights – Mao Mao
6. The Natural Yoghurt Band – Soft Cheese
7. Snakefinger – What Wilbur
8. Dynastie Krisis – Faust ’72
9. C.C.S. – Brother
10. Spin – Grasshopper
11. Venus Gang – Love To Fly
12. Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Desacato
13. Dory Previn – Mary C. Brown and The Hollywood Sign (Emperor Machine Mix)

Plus they have an album out called Space Beyond The Egg, so cop that here.


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