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June 28, 2009

This weeks broadcast is by yours truly and has loads of nice tracks on it, perfect for a pre party for musically open minded people.

Chevy Chaser – Oh Heavenly Dog Radio Pt. 2


Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin´ (Chevy Chaser Edit)
James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Re-Edit)
John Daly – In The Stars (Alt. Mix)
Kink & Neville Watson – Full Fight
Rhythm Based Lovers – Boogie Vision
Bostro Pesopeo – Falls (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
Simon Baker – Way Out Of My Head
Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Serge Santiago Unreleased Chicago Edit)
Remi – Curura
Scottie Deep – Brooklyn Beats
John Daly – Do It (Album Edit)
Unknown – Tanki Tanki
Mark du Mosch – Overload
The Glimmers – Galatic Prism
Steve Kotey & Max Essa – 1974
Faze Action – Stratus Energy (Special Disco Mix)
The Private – My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix)
Q – Tip – Breath, Don´t Stop (Revenge Re-Work)
Moodyman – Lake Shore Drive (Todd Terje Re-Cut)
Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (GW Edit)
Tommy Guerrero – Archaic Days (Harvey Remix)
Jackpot – Uno Dos Tres (Runaway Remix)
Cheikh Sidi Bemol – Ma Kayen Walou Kima L’ Amour (Playgroup Remix)
Hunter S. Thompson Intro Outro



June 28, 2009

Another contender for THEE summer track is danish techno guru Trentemøller´s wobbaly reggae edit of the timeless classic Wicked Games by Chris Isaak. It´s got it all and more

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Trentemoller Businessman Dubby Games Remix)

Oh, and before I forget…

Rest In Peace fallen King.

With THAT catalogue to choose from, it´s easier to think outside the box. I´m going with this edit by Canadian funkophiliac U-Tern.

Michael Jackson – Pretty Young Thing (Demo) (U-Tern Edit)


June 27, 2009

Here comes a unbelievably funky and sexy tune from Hamburgs funk doctor Tensnake. The track has summer written all over it. The enveloping bass line with the catchy synth stabs and all around dreamy atmosphere will sit well with anyone when it´s miller time.

It caught my ear whilst listening to the Runaway compilation 21st Century Disco, which in itself is a good buy. The original 12″ came out las year on Mule Musiq´s sister label Endless Flight.

Tensnake – Congolal

Tensnake also did the latest addition of the Beats In Space radio show. Worth a listen, check it out here.


June 22, 2009

In may of this year Tigersushi released what has proven to be maybe the most engaging album this year thus fare. Krikor is probably best known for his minimal disco stompers, but on Land of the Truth he exercises a different muscle, and to great success, even though the minimalist techno also has its grip held firmly around the structure of the album. Good as gold!

Krikor & The Dead Hillbillies – The Times

Krikor & The Dead Hillbillies – The Mist


June 17, 2009

Eclectic, according to Webster´s Dictionary is “selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles” or “composed of elements drawn from various sources”. Now I can´t really say this Fact Magazine mix from Emperor Machine is eclectic, but it´s certainly different. It´s all the same genre of music, so it´s not from different sources, but it´s a genre most of us are not too familiar with.

Webster´s definition is not fitting, so what about Andy Meecham (the architect behind the mix)? His definition is: “It’s just a load of tracks that I’m listening to right now – a compilation I made to play in the car.” I can go for that.

Emperor Machine – Fact Magazine Mix no. 57

1. Nina Nardini – Afro-Beat
2. The Natural yoghurt band – Voodoo
3. The Fitzcarraldo Variations – Gamma Modelo
4. Bajka – The Only Religion I Believe
5. The Starlights – Mao Mao
6. The Natural Yoghurt Band – Soft Cheese
7. Snakefinger – What Wilbur
8. Dynastie Krisis – Faust ’72
9. C.C.S. – Brother
10. Spin – Grasshopper
11. Venus Gang – Love To Fly
12. Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Desacato
13. Dory Previn – Mary C. Brown and The Hollywood Sign (Emperor Machine Mix)

Plus they have an album out called Space Beyond The Egg, so cop that here.


June 15, 2009

This summers soundtrack is here, and it´s brought to us by Germany´s DJ Kaos in for of a remix by Sweden´s IDIB affiliates Tiedye.

The slow burn of the bongos and tropicana guitar loop is perfect for a sunny get away. The 12″ is out now of DFA Records.

DJ Kaos – Love The Night Away (Tiedye Remix)


June 14, 2009

Another day, another mixtape. This time around it´s from one half of the dirty disco duo Padded Cell, Richard Sen. Funky basslines and wobbly guitars are served along with cream filled kicks and snares, maybe because the tracks presented here are all from the Milky Disco stable.

Or maybe not…

Richard Sen – Milky Disco Mix


1. RICHARD SEN + CAZBEE – Sour 24 Hour
2. BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB – Is Sorrow (Brain Machine’s Lucifer Rising Dub)
3. PLASTIQUE DE REVE feat. GHOSTAPE – Lost In The City (4O Thieves Remix)
5. EXPANDING HEAD BAND – Sound Of Breaking Glass
6. SOLID STATE – Space Boogie
7. BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB – Free For The Girls (Richard Sen’s Sumerian Fix)
9. SOFT CIRCLE – Don’t Just Stand There (Eric Broucek Mix)
10. RICHARD SEN + CAZBEE – Playback


June 8, 2009

The latest in the Fact Magazine mix series is by Brooklyn´s own In Flagranti, and it´s a good one. Just thought i´de do a bit of sharing.

Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor to their mates and mums, the pair made a name for themselves with their forward-thinking Italo and electro confections on their own Codek label as well as Eskimo and Kitsune, and have remixed the likes of WhoMadeWho and Diskokaine. You can usually spot an In Flagranti record from the mucky titles (‘Sexx Piss Tool’ is our fav) and dirty cover art, which just makes us like them more.

Their FACT mix is a right old stomper basically, and features edits of Killing Joke, The Breeders and The Glitter Band, as well as original material from YACHT, Fancy Beat and more.

In Flagranti – Fact Magazine Mix no. 54


Medieval Pundits Atomizer (In Flagranti Mix)
In Flagranti – Svelte Blonde
Glitter Band (In Flagranti Edit)
Yuksek (In Flagranti Mix)
Temptations / Glass House (In Flagranti Edit)
BEF / Money (In Flagranti Edit)
Fancy Beat – Funk In (Telespazio Remix)
Supercycle – No Kitty Bad Kitty
Sweet Louise (In Flagranti Edit)
YACHT – Summer Song
Smoke and Mirrors Nearly There Break
Roy Ayers (In Flagranti Edit)
Timo Maas Break
Glitter Band (In Flagranti Edit)
Killing Joke (In Flagranti Edit)
Breeders – Cannonball (In Flagranti Edit)
Fad Gadget – Pedestrian (In Flagranti Edit)
Romeo Void (In Flagranti Edit)

Buy Brash & Vulgar.


June 8, 2009

First one in a monthly series that will provide mixes by myself, and hopefully others as well.

Chevy Chaser – Oh Heavenly Dog Radio Pt. 1


John Daly – Freak Out Or Get Out
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Lonely One
Ricardo Villalobos – Violeta
Dirt Crew – Rough Roads
Sugardaddy – Stripped To The Bone
Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Beyond The Wizard´s Sleeve Remix)
Seth Troxler – Aphrica
Dj Madsikllz – New Order
Joshua Heath – Monday Blues
Thomas Barfod & Fredski – March On Swan Lake
Alex Celler – La Palma
DHS – House Of God (Martin Landsky Remix)
Toni Leonni – Found A Place
Gramaphonedzie – Why Don´t You
Peace Devision – What Is This Sound? (King Unique Supa Edit)
Dj Madskillz – Down The Rabbit Hole
Mylène Farmer – California (Romain Tranchart & Raw Man Remix)


June 6, 2009

It´s about time address the house music phenomenon that is The Revenge. I´ve been pretty oblivious to this guy for a while, but my eyes are finally open.

He hails from Glasgow and has made a stir on the blogs for a while with his edits and remixes. But the man has a good amount of releases in the bag already, with 12″´s out on Five20East and Deep Freeze Recordings with partner in crime Craig Smith.

I give you some assorted tracks, plus a wonderful mix he did for Easter.

Craig Smith & The Revenge – The Soul Part II

Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (The Revenge Re-Work)

The Revenge – Live In Soul City/ Easter Sunday ´09


1. Reel 2 Reel – Love Me Like This
2. Michael Wycoff – Looking Up To You (The Revenge Rework)
3. BT Express – Keep It Up (BB Edit)
4. The Revenge – Night Flight
5. Q-Tip – Breathe & Stop (The Revenge RAE Version)
6. Kay Gees – Hustle With Every Muscle (The Revenge Edit)
7. KRL – Recession Beat
8. The Police – Voices In My Head (Cronk Family Enterprises Version)
9. Body 2 Body – Let’s Get Intimate (Harri Edit)
10. The Sunburst Band – Put A Lyric In It (The Revenge Demo Mix)
11. Touch – Without You (Timmy Regisford Remix)
12. Brother D & The Collective Effort – Educate Organise (Harri Edit)
13. Today – I Got The Feeling (The Revenge New Jack Stack)
14. Lionel Richie – Serves You Right (The Revenge Edit)
15. Reverso 68 – Take Me Back To Yours
16. Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)
17. Tata Vega – Love Your Neighbour (The Revenge Edit)
18. The Revenge – Your Hangover
19. Moodyman – On The Eastside Of Detroit
20. The Revenge – Unfinished Edits Are Out Of My Hands
21. DJ 2Three – Milk Jelly
22. Hidden Agenda – Big Lamp
23. Phlash & Friends – Runnin’ (Dub Edit)
24. The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running (DJ tool)